A good HVAC system that is chosen well, installed properly and maintained regularly will keep your indoor climate comfortable. Here we discuss three types of cooling systems. 

Evaporative Cooling System 

An evaporative air conditioning unit is a great investment for homes and small commercial spaces. While it’s not the best option in terms of cooling large areas, it is an environmentally responsible choice of indoor climate system for a room or a small office.

One of the problems with direct evaporative cooling systems is it involves too much moisture that serves as an invitation for fungi. Fortunately, there are two-stage evaporative cooling systems that offer less humidity. They leave less carbon footprint and prove to be more energy efficient, using just 10% of energy, compared to conventional air conditioners. 

It performs even better on hot days because as the temperature rises, there’s more moisture to evaporate. It means better cooling power without increasing your energy consumption. 

If you want to get the most out of an evaporative cooling system, you need to make sure that it’s ready for whatever summer can throw at it and to do that you need to have it serviced before the spring. You may need it serviced more than once a year depending on how old it is and how long and often you use it. 

A qualified HVAC professional can perform the necessary maintenance and a thorough inspection to determine if it needs cleaning or if a repair is due. You don’t want it to break down right when the summer has started. You want it functioning properly to keep you comfortable indoors. 

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Ducted Air Conditioning System

A ducted air conditioning unit not only keeps you cool on warm days but also helps you maintain the indoor air quality and humidity. It’s great for big commercial spaces, such as retail stores and spacious offices. It’s centrally controlled with a thermostat and it lets you maintain an even temperature throughout your property. 

Unlike evaporative cooling systems, air conditioning systems’ capability does not depend on moisture so you can expect consistent performance no matter the temperature of the day. However, the hotter it is outside, the more energy this system will need to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and humidity. 

With properties that require ductwork because of its size, we often recommend getting a reverse cycle ducted HVAC system so you won’t need to install a separate heating system. This skips additional ductwork and therefore more installation costs. 

This year-round climate control system depends on vapour compression for its cooling power. Ducted air conditioners draw warm air from inside your home or office, push it through the fan coil, disposes of the heat and blows back cool air indoors. 

Because air conditioning systems use recirculated indoor air, they require inspection at least once a year to make sure moulds are not growing within its hidden parts like coils and ducts. Regular maintenance is a must to maintain good indoor air quality. 

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Split Air Conditioning Systems 

Split air conditioning systems are much like ducted air conditioning systems. The difference is one part of a split air conditioner (the main unit) is inside the building while the other (the condenser) is placed outside. Although less demanding than ducted aircons, split aircons still require regular maintenance and cleaning. 

It’s a common choice for homes and rental properties because the unit itself is cheaper than the ducted air conditioning systems, which is usually great for large spaces. Installation and operating costs are also lower. 

However, the cost is not the only factor we consider when recommending the best air conditioning system to our clients. We also consider the size of property that needs to be cooled and how many people stay indoors. This is an important consideration especially for offices and other commercial properties. 

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