Avoid the problems caused by improper air conditioning service. Here we share with you the qualifications to look for and the best practices that specialists in the industry adhere to.

Who Is Qualified to Clean Your HVAC Systems

Your HVAC systems should not be cleaned by just anyone. If you do not scrutinise enough, it could cause significant problems, including health risks and costly damage to your units.

Before, HVAC professionals cleaned the systems regularly and thoroughly. However, due to the higher level of standards in Australia and time constraints, HVAC cleaning has become a specialty in the industry. But how do you identify HVAC cleaning specialists from unqualified teams?

How to Identify HVAC Cleaning Specialists


Choosing the right air conditioning service provider does not only reduce the risk of damage and health problems. It also helps avoid injuries.

HVAC cleaning may sound simple or easy but the job involves many hazards, including fall, electrocution and even entrapment, because cleaners work at heights and in confined spaces usually after business hours.

Make sure that you also choose specialists who have done similar jobs before. There are several types of HVAC systems for homes and businesses, and they have their certain maintenance needs depending on how they operate. So if you are scheduling an air conditioning service for your business, make sure that the specialist has worked on commercial HVAC systems before.

White Card

All HVAC technicians across Australia need to hold a Construction White Card. You can rest assured that technicians who have a white card have completed construction induction training. It is a requirement for everyone involved in construction work, including fitting out as well as installing and or testing anything that’s connected to the structure.

How Specialists Clean Your HVAC Systems

Air conditioning cleaning is not just blasting water or wiping off dirt and dust of your ducts and vents. There is a correct process and method to clean HVAC units at home and in commercial properties.

Cleaning Process Depends on the Contamination

Incorrect cleaning can damage your unit, and one of the mistakes unqualified personnel often make is cleaning all HVAC units the same. There are many air conditioning service horror stories out there.

In general, proper cleaning starts at finding out the type of contamination, and a sample must often be sent to a laboratory for testing. For maintenance, a qualified HVAC cleaner will know that HVAC systems are to be cleaned according to the direction of the airflow and may wash the coils and fans to remove dirt and dust and residual grim buildup. Where coils are frosted up with ice, this is usually due to low air flow across the coil. To defrost the coil, there are a number of ways to do so. Run the system on Fan Mode, leave the system off for 24 hours or pour warm water over the iced-up section of the coil.

These are some of the basics that trained HVAC cleaners do:

  • In ductwork, experienced HVAC cleaners would always remove and wash registers and grilles.
  • The ductwork is then cleaned using a HEPA vacuum that has spinning brushes.
  • For surface contamination on coils, specialists use a vacuum that has a soft brush attachment.
  • Afterward, pressure cleaners are used to wash the coils. However, this must be done starting on the air-off side, pushing the contamination towards the direction it entered. When done the other way around, the contamination will be pushed to the condensate tray and may pack the centre of the coil, creating a larger pressure drop. Only once the contamination is removed can the coils be washed from the air-on side.
  • Cleaning coils also involve the use of chemicals, and HVAC cleaning specialists must dilute these chemicals in accordance with the material safety data sheet (MSDS) documentation. The chemicals are then applied using an industrial sprayer to avoid damaging the aluminium in your HVAC system.
  • HVAC hygienists also protect surrounding porous surfaces with plastic sheeting.

Proper Cleaning Requires the Right Equipment

One of the reasons to hire a qualified air conditioning service provider who’s been in the industry for years is that they have the right equipment for every job. You don’t have to worry if the job requires a HEPA vacuum with spinning brushes or an extraction system. An experienced HVAC company will have everything they need to get the job done properly.

Cleaning Is Easier With Proper Installation

While HVAC cleaning may be done by a third-party, it’s important to get an experienced team for the installation. Hiring the right installers can make a big difference in cleaning and maintenance because not all HVAC systems are installed with access to the coil on both sides.

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