We couldn’t emphasise more the importance of aircon cleaning for Brisbane homes and businesses, particularly the coils and ducts. From health risks to injuries and system damage, costly problems arise if inspection is not done regularly and cleaning is not done properly. That’s why at HP6, we take every service we provide to homes, rental properties, office spaces and retail stores very seriously. We do it all with attention to detail—adhering to the industry standards and best practices. 

Contaminations Start at the Coils

The cooling coils of HVAC systems are where microbes breed and contaminations start. With the help of the fan, the microbial contamination is airborne through the ductwork and then to the outlets. 

Without regular inspection and immediate proper cleaning, these microorganisms can reduce the airflow as well as your HVAC system’s performance, energy efficiency and lifespan as it drives up the operating costs. 

Coils blocked by dirt and contaminants can have the potential to be fire hazards. What’s worse, once the contamination reaches the outlets, they might even reach the surfaces of your home or commercial space and cause health problems. 

These are the problems that we want homeowners and facility managers to avoid. So we believe that proper HVAC&R cleaning done only by qualified personnel is as important as meticulous design and proper installation. 

The Dirty Ductwork

Because ducts and vents are often out of sight, they usually don’t get enough attention but they require as much cleaning as your filters. Ducts are hidden away, but their hygiene greatly affects the indoor air we breathe and for refrigeration systems, the quality of food that’s being refrigerated.

HVAC hygiene is important and required by laws, especially in retail stores, rental properties and other commercial spaces. It is covered by Australian Standard AS/NZS 3666 (Parts 1, 2 and 4) and AIRAH’s HVAC Hygiene Best Practice Guidelines. Unfortunately, there still have been cases of inefficient and poor ductwork design and maintenance, which exposes people to health risks and gives you high TCO in the long run. 

Keep It Clean

Many would agree when we say that aircon cleaning in Brisbane and surrounding areas are not being given the attention they deserve. Partly because of the lack of information about the issues that poor HVAC hygiene can cause, and partly because not everyone is well informed of the scope of responsibility. 

At HP6, one of our goals is to shed some light into the matter to help people minimise their costs and maximise their units’ lifespan. 

So who is responsible?

According to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3666, HVAC systems must be inspected as per the standard and this responsibility falls on none other than the building owner and/or facility manager. 

However, in design and installation, HVAC professionals can play a big role in making sure that HVAC&R systems will be efficient for both users and cleaners. At HP6, before we design or install air conditioning and/or refrigeration systems, we always consider the access for regular inspection and necessary cleaning. 

It may sound obvious but you might be surprised to know that many buildings in Brisbane alone don’t have duct access panels, which is required to conduct a thorough inspection. Regular inspection of the ductwork is part of the guidelines and standards in the HVAC industry because it’s hidden and can be a good breeding place for bacteria and fungi. 

When contamination is detected after an inspection, the HVAC professionals are required to call a qualified air conditioning cleaning specialist, who will then conduct a further inspection, send samples to the lab and inform the building owner or facility manager of the necessary next steps. 

At HP6, we aim to lift the HVAC hygiene standards. Our team provides only the best possible service whether it’s design and installation of cooling and refrigeration systems for your store or regular aircon cleaning in your Brisbane rental property. Contact us for enquiries or get a free quote today!